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Team building

What are the characteristics of an outstanding team?  Why do some teams knock it out of the park while others struggle miserably? Leaders I work with often confess the topic of team development keeps them up at night. Where to begin? It begins with relationships  – relationships built on trust, collaboration, and open and honest dialogue. Teams need and want a clear sense of purpose, and a set of structures and processes that encourage curiosity, innovation, and accountability. And whether leaders want to admit it or not, teams need support to be courageous and step into difficult conversations when they need to happen.  
How regularly do you invite your team to share gratitude for one another and celebrate accomplishments? How often do team members truly challenge each other in productive ways?  Do your team members take risks, share edgy ideas with one another, and speak their minds?  Team development doesn’t happen overnight, and it doesn’t happen with a two-hour training.  It takes ongoing, deliberate, thoughtful work. I help leaders wrap their heads around how their teams are doing, what they need, and how to get started with some simple yet effective strategies to fold into already existing routines that build the foundations of a high functioning team.

vision & strategy

Without a clear sense of where you’re going or a plan to get there, you might be wasting time,  energy and resources. You might also be reacting to the next “shiny object” that comes your way. Many organizations get bogged down with the idea of strategic planning, and find their leadership and staff unmotivated to set the strategic direction because of negative past experiences: tiresome committee work and a lengthy report that sits on the shelf gathering dust. Planning doesn’t have to be this way! It can be action-oriented, nimble, energizing, and most importantly, useful!
My approach to helping clients with vision and strategy is practical, effective, and efficient: simplify, make it useful,  and keep it in the hear and now. Yes, there are moments in an organization's evolution when is important to cast a broader net and invest time and resources to gather meaningful feedback from your community. But most often what is needed is a simple process to clarify, focus, and energize your board and staff. Start with a clear sense of where you’re going, make sure you have a good handle on what you need to get there, and the sky is the limit. It can be that simple and useful.

organizational effectiveness

Even when you have a solid team and a clear strategy, you can still find that your organization is under-optimized. Things may feel bogged down, slow, or not as innovative as you would hope. You might not even be able to name the itch -- you just know something is amiss. I work with leaders to help them identify what needs improvement, and what strengths to leverage.  This starts with asking some critical questions, getting curious about what is going on, and building a more complete picture of your organization.

Let's talk about your project!

I offer complimentary sessions to explore what you need help with, and and whether I would be a good fit for your project. Even if you're not sure you want to hire a consultant, it can so helpful to talk through your ideas.

Team building
Org effectiveness
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