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Leadership coaching is the single most powerful thing you can do to move the ball forward –
for your career and your organization.

The power of coaching

At its core, leadership coaching is about helping you clarify and reach your goals. But coaching is much more than that. Coaching is a powerful process of inquiry and self-discovery in which you identify what has been holding you back, and learn to develop your own solutions. You will create new habits to keep your most important goals front and center, and learn strategies to fend off distractions. You’ll build courage to take risks, and resilience to rise up strong after a set back. You will practice holding yourself (and others on your team) accountable, and how to bounce back quickly when you don’t.  

I have a range of coaching programs and packages to offer - typically I work with clients weekly or twice monthly for one-hour sessions, over the course of three to six months . One-on-one leadership coaching often leads to team or organization-wide projects, where I help support leaders put into action the goals and plans that we've been working toward. 


Dara helped me rethink how to engage my board in meaningful ways. I was stuck in old patterns of how I think, and how I work with my board. Dara helped me cut through that, and find the courage to try some new things. And they worked!

— Alice B.  Executive Director

what you'll gain


Clarity  Often leaders (and organizations) miss the mark on success because their goals are off point, not actionable, or overwhelming.  

Coaching will help you clarify exactly where you want to go, and make a concrete plan to get there. 


Focus  Even when you have clear goals, it can still be a struggle to keep them front and center every day. Staying laser-focused on what matters, and building strategies to say no or “not now” to enticing opportunities -- or fires to put out -- is key to success.  Coaching provides a structure to keep those goals on the top of your list, even when deadlines are looming and pressure is mounting.    


Strategic Edge  Coaching will help you sharpen your strategic edge that may be worn down from managing overwhelm and stress. Reacting to problems and putting out fires is exhausting. Coaching will help you set the daily grind aside, take a step back, and see the bigger picture. From here you can think strategically, reflect, and proactively plan next steps. 


Insight  Coaching will help you examine why you haven’t reached your goals, or what is holding you back from articulating exactly what you want for yourself, your position, and your organization.  Most importantly, coaching will help you name the obstacle, put it behind you, and move forward in a powerfully new way.


Confidence  Even seasoned leaders secretly admit to doubting themselves. We are our own worst critics! Coaching can help you build robust confidence: in your leadership, your contribution, and the value you bring to your team and organization -- and will help quiet that annoying inner critic who keeps knocking you down.


Support  As a leader, you are in a lonely position. Sometimes you just need to talk things through, and get ideas out of your head. Saying things out loud to another person can be powerfully clarifying. A coach provides an objective perspective, a clear view, and asks honest questions to help you see a new perspective or work through a tough challenge.

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