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Helping leaders and teams


Coaching and consulting services to

energize, empower, and transform


One-on-one coaching helps leaders unlock their success and forward momentum.  Through coaching you will gain clarity for where you want to go, and insight into what has been stopping you. More importantly, you will develop relentless focus to meet your goals.

"Dara presents a unique package:  operational know-how learned in the trenches, solid coaching skills, keen facilitation, and background in organization development.  She brings great analytic skills and a lively sense of humor.  Most importantly, she understands the power of both data—and the human heart.  All this makes her an invaluable asset to any leader, team, or organization."

-- Kathleen Ryan, Co-author of Extraordinary Groups 

and Driving Fear Out of the Workplace


Organizational change and growth can feel daunting and complex -- but you don't have to navigate it alone. I work with clients on large and small projects to 

move organizations forward in powerful new ways, and build a mindset of curiosity, innovation, and opportunity. 


I am a coach.  I am a consultant.  I am a leader.  

I bring a unique combination of skills and experience to my work with clients: I have hands-on experience leading and managing organizations, I have solid expertise designing and leading change projects as an organization development consultant, and I am a trained and certified professional leadership coach. This combination of skills allows me to support clients in powerful ways, and bring about lasting, meaningful change for their organizations. 

But I am more than just a coach, or a consultant. I am also a leader (I sometimes joke that I am a recovering Executive Director).  I bring over 17 years working inside organizations leading and managing teams, and building effective systems, strategies, and programs. This 'boots on the ground' operational know-how gives me first hand knowledge of what organizations need in order to truly thrive -- and what commonly gets in the way of forward momentum.

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