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Transforming organizations from the inside out.

lasting change

Each project I do -- whether it is a simple meeting facilitation or a complex change project -- is unique and custom-designed in close collaboration with key people inside your organization. I pay careful attention to how we structure the project , who we involve, and how the solutions we create will be implemented.  This creates buy-in and commitment to the work, and ultimately lasting change -- not just another report that sits on someone's shelf.  
In all the work I do, my approach is to help leaders build high-functioning organizations by designing projects with a dual focus: creating powerful momentum forward on priorities and deliverables, while simultaneously building relationships based on trust, collaboration, and open dialog.  With this dual focus, I help organizations develop a mindset of curiosity, growth, and opportunity, and move away from routines and policies that stifle collaboration and innovation.
My areas of expertise range across a variety of projects, but often fall into one of three main categories:
Volunteer Team

team building

Innovative, outstanding teams aren't built on luck and they don't spring forth from a two hour training -- they grow from intentional, on-going leadership to build relationships, trust, collaboration, and open and honest dialogue.


Brainstorming Session

Vision & strategy

Without a clear picture of where you are going, and how you plan to get there, you are waisting time and resources. My approach to helping clients with vision and strategy is practical and effective: simplify, make it useful,  and keep it in the hear and now.

Successful Work Team

organizational effectiveness

Even when you have a solid team and a clear strategy, you can still find that your organization is under-optimized. I work with leaders to identify opportunities for improvement and outline a plan to move things to the next level.

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